The Environmental Watch

Foundation Memorandum of the Environmental Watch (or EW) of the Interregional League of Journalists

Herewith, the media heads in the Interregional League of Journalists, declare the creation of the Environmental Watch for assisting the professional duties of Russian journalists reporting on ecological issues , for implementing and guarding the freedom information, for insuring that citizens receive detailed and unbiased information concerning environmental issues, for protecting nature, for preserving and restoring the natural heritage and public health and for maintaining environmental safety and sustainable development in Russia.
We set the following tasks before the Environmental Watch of the Interregional League of Journalists:

  • to promote knowledge about the natural environment , and ways to prevent environmental disasters.
  • to support the principles of environmental openness, so that the public has unlimited access to relevant information
  • to assist the authorities in blocking activities that endanger the environment and public health
  • to help the public monitor environmental conditions and protect natural objects; to maintain environmental safety; to raise the professional level of environmental journalism
  • to take part in the green movement, to cooperate with professional bodies of eco- journalists and environmentalists concerned with journalism
  • to promote the best published works of Russian eco-journalists.

Within the framework of the Environmental Watch project, all the media in the Interregional League of Journalists will monitor environmental protection in Russian regions and report their findings to their readers and audiences.

After assessing results in 2009, the Interregional League of Journalists will award media outlets for active participation in the work of the Environmental Watch, and industrial companies, for substantial contributions to environmental protection and for implementing the policies of social responsibility and environmental safety.

We are confident that the Environmental Watch will be useful for public health and prosperity in Russia. We call on our colleagues and media heads to join our project!

The Foundation Memorandum of the Environmental Watch of the Interregional League of Journalists has been signed by:

Smirnov V. V.,
editor in chief of the "Vyatsky Krai" newspaper (Kirov)
Nevinitsyn A.M.,
editor-in-chief of the "Zolotoe Koltso" newspaper (Yaroslavl)
Panchenko V.V.,
editor-in-chief of the "Mariyskaya Pravda" newspaper (Yoshkar-Ola)
Belousov V.V.,
editor-in-chief of the "Severnaya Nedelya" newspaper (Arkhangelsk)
Kashtanov O.A.,
editor-in-chief of the "Izvestia Mordovii" newspaper (Saransk)
Solovyoev A.G.,
editor-in-chief of the "Sovetskaya Chuvashia" newspaper (Cheboksary)
Metelkina T.V.,
editor-in-chief of the "Nizhegorodskaya Pravda» newspaper (Nizhny Novgorod)
Latyshev A.N.,
editor-in-chief of the "Respublica Tatarstan" newspaper (Kazan)
Rezyapkina L.I.,
editor-in-chief of the "Sudarynya" newspaper (Saransk)
Isakova A.N.,
editor-in-chief of the "Kirovets" newspaper (Kirovo-Chepetsk)
Syrchin V. G.,
editor-in-chief of the "Otechestvo" newspaper (Yaransk)
Zaleshina N.V.,
editor-in-chief of the "Selskaya Nov" newspaper (Nolinsk)
Repina E.V.,
editor-in-chief of the "Selskie Vesti" newspaper (Pizhanka)

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