Foundation Memorandum of the Interregional League of Journalists

May 27th, 2004, in Ufa

Foundation Memorandum
of the Interregional League of Journalists

Herewith, the media heads in the Volga (Privolzhsky) League of Journalists, declare the creation of the Interregional League of Journalists, based on the Volga League. In its four years the Volga League has essentially broadened its geographic scope, and membership. The Volga League considers it necessary to enshrine its success legally and register as an interregional association. It fully shares the goals of the Interregional League of Journalists. These goals are as follows:

  • to protect the freedom of speech and expression;
  • to support the development of media laws;
  • to bring forward favorable social, political and economic conditions for Russian media;
  • to represent the Russian journalism on the international scene;
  • to help this country’s media work out and enforce a professional code of conduct;
  • to defend the rights, freedoms, honour and reputation of journalists and protect copyright;
  • to help young journalists in their professional advancement.

The League members work in a variety of genres and in a variety of media. Uniting them are their shared professional goals. The League sees itself as a free association of colleagues, in which everyone acts according to their convictions and aims. The League invites all colleagues in all Russian regions to join it. The League hopes that cooperation within it can benefit each member and the entire country.

The Foundation Memorandum of the Interregional League of Journalists has been signed by:

Artyomova Tatyana Viktorovna,
editor-in-chief of the "Saratovskie Vesti" newspaper (Saratov)

Balditsyn Vasily Vyacheslavovich,
editor-in-chief of the "Stavropolskaya Pravda" newspaper (Stavropol)

Bersenin Andrey Pavlovich,
editor-in-chief of the "Profil - Privolzhe" magazine (Nizhny Novgorod)

Vasilyev Aleksander Vladimirovich,
editor-in-chief of the "Novaya Gorodskaya Gazeta» newspaper (Rostov-on-Don)

Vasilyev Igor Vyacheslavovich,
editor-in-chief of the "Vecherny Saransk" newspaper (Saransk)

Verner Lyudmila Ivanovna,
editor-in-chief of the "Izhevsk-Express" newspaper (Izhevsk)

Vlasov Sergey Mihailovich,
editor-in-chief of the "Parma" newspaper (Kudymkar)

Voronenkov Jury Vadimovich,
editor-in-chief of the «Severnaya Pravda" newspaper (Kostroma)

Voskoboinikova Tatyana Nikolaevna,
editor-in-chief of the "Izvestia- Samara" newspaper » (Samara)

Grachev Oleg Nikolaevich,
editor-in-chief of the "Vecherny Chelyabinsk" newspaper (Chelyabinsk)

Karman Anatoly Vladimirovich,
editor-in-chief of the "Oblastnye Vesti" newspaper (Volgograd)

Kashtanov Oleg Aleksandrovich,
editor-in-chief of the "Izvestia Mordovii" newspaper (Saransk)

Kleshchev Nikolai Fyodorovich,
editor-in-chief of the "Nizhegorodskie Novosti " newspaper (Nizhny Novgorod)

Latyshev Aleksander Nikolaevich,
editor-in-chief of the "Respublica Tatarstan" newspaper (Kazan)

Maresyev Valery Valeryevich,
Minister of Press of Republic Mordovia

Marynov Aleksander Ivanovich,
editor-in-chief of the "Nasha Penza" newspaper (Penza)

Mullakaev Marat Nuriakhmetovich,
editor-in-chief of the "Vechernaya Ufa" newspaper (Ufa)

Nevinitsyn Alexey Mihailovich,
editor-in-chief of the "Zolotoe Koltso" newspaper (Yaroslavl)

Nizovtsev Avenir Egorovich,
editor-in-chief of the "Krasnoe Znamya" newspaper (Syktyvkar)

Nikitin Vladimir Ivanovich,
editor-in-chief of the "Yuzhny Ural" newspaper (Orenburg)

Ogorodnikov Vladimir Nikolaevich,
General Director of the publishing house "BashPressa" (Ufa)

Panchenko Vasily Vasilyevich,
editor-in-chief of the "Mariyskaya Pravda" newspaper (Mari-El)

Romanov Arkady Ivanovich,
the editor-in-chief of "Rabochy Krai" newspaper (Ivanovo)

Smirnov Vasily Vasilyevich,
the editor in chief of "Vyatsky Krai" newspaper (Kirov)

Solovyoev Afrikan Germanovich,
editor-in-chief of the "Sovetskaya Chuvashia" newspaper (Cheboksary)

Todoshchenko Olga Ivanovna,
editor-in-chief the "Permskie Novosti" newspaper (Perm)

Skazochkin Aleksander Viktorovich,
editor-in-chief the "Kaluga i Kaluzhane" newspaper (Kaluga)